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Article - NewsArticle, BlogPosting

JSON-LD is one of the easiest ways to add Schema’s structured markup to a page. It helps Google to understand the key elements of your page, and as a result, Google enhances your listing in the search result with some extra features. This feature helps you to get organic clicks to your website.

What is JSON-LD?

JSON-LD stands for JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data. It helps Google Bots to understand the concept of the webpage by providing the machine-readable data from the websites to promote their search results.

Search engines like Google and Bing encourage JSON-LD because structured data enables developers to organize and connect data easily. It helps to create a better website for humans and Google.

What is the Article Schema Generator tool?

Article schema generator tool helps to create structured data and Schema for your websites according to your needs. It helps to save time and create an error-free schema. You don’t need any coding language for creating structured data for schema markup. This tool will do it for you in just a matter of seconds.

Steps to create Article Schema by using Our Tool

First, you need to select the type of your article. Whether it is Article, Blog Posting or News Article. Enter the Publish URL of your article. Next, add your Article Headline. The maximum number of characters must be 110 of your headline. Then add your Short description of the article in the description box. Then add the Image URL, the Width of your Image and the Height of the image.

In the next box select the Author type whether it is a person or an organization. Then add the Author Name in the text box. Publisher name in the publisher name box. Then you need to add the Publisher Logo URL, Publisher Logo width and the Publisher logo height in the respective boxes. In the last boxes, you need to select the date when your article was published and in the last box add the date of modification.

Then when you add all of your details you will get the automatically generated article schema. Simply just copy and then you can paste it wherever you want to implement it.

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