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What Is Robots.Txt File?

Robots.txt file is also known as robots exclusion protocol or standard. It's a simple file that tells search engine bots whether they can and can not crawl your website. You can also tell search bots about the webpages that you do not need to get crawled, like the areas that contain duplicate content or are not developed.

A robot.txt file includes User-Agent, and under it, you can also be able to write other directions such as Allow, Disallow, or Crawl-Delay, if you write it manually it will take lots of time. But by using this tool you can generate your file in seconds.

Why Is A Robots.Txt File Important?

Robots.txt file allows bots to crawl the specific areas of your website. Before a search engine crawls your site, it goes to your website's robots.txt file to get the instruction of crawling and indexing your website in search engine results.

Robots.txt files are important and useful if you do not index the duplicate and broken pages of your website, specific areas of your site, and login pages, XML sitemaps. With the use of the robots.txt file, you can remove those pages which add no value to your website as search engines focus on the most important pages to crawl.

Search engines can crawl a limited amount of pages in a day so it would be beneficial for search engines if you block some unimportant URLs, so they can crawl your pages quickly.

How Robots.Txt File Helps In Seo?

If your website has no robot.txt file, there is a huge possibility that crawlers would not index all of the webpages of your sites. Google works with the crawl budget, this crawl budget is based on the crawl limit, which is the time a crawler spends on a website.

If Google finds that crawling your site is disturbing then it starts to crawl your website slower. It means whenever Google sends its crawler to crawl the website it will only check some pages of your website and your latest post can take time to get indexed.

Your website needs robots.txt and a sitemap to take away this limitation. These files will improve the crawling process by telling them which links need more attention.

A Robots.Txt File And A Sitemap

A sitemap is a file where you provide information about the pages, videos, and other files on your site. It helps search engine bots to intelligently crawl your site. A sitemap tells Google which pages and files you think are important in your site.

The main target of the sitemap is that it helps the search engines by telling them which webpages need to be crawled, whereas the robots.txt file is for crawlers, which tells which page needs to crawl and which not to. Having a sitemap is important for the website to get indexed.

How To Create A Robots.Txt File?

Our robots.txt generator tool is built to help in generating the robot's standard file without any technical issues and in quick time. It doesn’t matter whether it is built on WordPress or any other CMS.

You can easily create your file just by entering your instruction, choosing whether to allow crawlers to crawl your site or not is the first thing you have to choose when you start to create your first robots.txt file.

With the Robots.txt generator tool, you can easily create new or edit the existing robots.txt file for your website. To upload the existing file into the robots.txt tool, copy and paste the domain URL in the top text box and hit on the upload option. Once it is done, you can download the file, then upload your generated robots.txt file with the root directory of your domain.

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