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Incrementors comprises of a talented team of E-commerce specialists who can create digitally revolutionary E-commerce websites in collaboration with their clients. With our flair for designing and advertising, we create technology-oriented online solutions that help in building customized online stores and strategizing personal marketing approaches.

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We can revolutionize your customer services by providing the most fitting E-commerce solutions that integrating communication, security and data management. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that your brand maintains a superior status quo in an ever shifting market. Our e-commerce support team gives you the benefit of our expertise and gives technological insights to implement changes on the website to optimize its performance. We believe in maintaining long-term relationship with our clients through good communication.

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We develop a winning e-commerce strategy for your business that resonates with your brand, business goals and targeted audiences.



We help you to convert your traffic via advanced techniques. To fuel your business goals we provide unique and effective solutions

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We leave no stone unturned to ensure that your brand maintains a superior status quo in an ever shifting market.

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We are both skilled and technologically equipped to provide the most optimum business solutions.

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How marketing on the internet can lead to success and commercial development.

Throughout the late 20th century, the internet has grown from power to power. With the World Wide Web now an integral part of one’s lifestyle, internet has opened up new dimensions. The internet’s greatest strength lies in its utility and wide outreach to the mass public. Having pointed that out, one can make use of internet’s qualities. For commercial purposes, new business pages and sites are being developed. This has lead to the development of electronic commerce, or simply E-Commerce. This particular article deals with the sole aspect of marketing. Read on to find out more about marketing in E-Commerce.

Marketing can be defined as the process of broadcasting one’s product or service via the media of mass communication. It can be for promotional purposes, launching of a new product or service, or simply advertising an already existing product or service. With newer and more customer-oriented policies coming into existence, marketing approach has changed from production-oriented to customer-oriented. Today, customer satisfaction is rated above direct profit. Through satisfied customers, an increase in demand and hen supply will be caused. And indirectly so, more profits can achieved by producers and sellers.

Marketing has evolved from its earlier inception, much like the internet. In the 1950’s, marketing was production-oriented, to achieve production targets and maximize revenue. Higher production number were laid stress upon, and so it was also assumed that consumer preferences would not alter rapidly. Greater demand was met with greater production. The focus later went on to shift to product, seeking improvements in quality and production standard.

Here, quality was emphasized more than quantity. After having made changes and setting new standards for product and service quality, the focus shifted to selling. This indicated that with the product available in the market, it was not able to reach all its market members. The consumers benefitted from this, and so accessibility improved for a product or service.

Having seen the preferences and orientations shift over time, he internet has provided a new playground for many enterprises and companies. Marketing here, is a different ball game altogether! With web design and accessibility also serving as important factors, marketing is a much more complex process on the internet. Marketing mainly comprises of certain measures and steps. These are consumer review, improvisation of product or service, selling of product and progress assessment. If all these steps are taken care of, a healthy customer feedback and review can be expected. Through the ever expanding source of internet, the development and growth of E-Commerce has been possible. Now one can book tickets, order goods and render services from a click at their convenience. If marketing as a whole process is taken care of and actively used to one’s advantage, one can make this process work to great advantages and provide oneself with a healthy headstart.