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A Recovery From Google Medic Update
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At Incrementors Web Solutions, we also help the clients get recovery from the effects of Google updates.

We get so many clients saying that they have been hit by this update or that update of Google. And of course, Google updates are going to hit you if you violate the rules of any update.

The same thing happened with one of our clients’ websites i.e.,

The niche of the website was to sell medicinal mushrooms and pine pollen medicines.

The website was hit by Google Medic update in Aug 2018.

Actually, The Medic update’s purpose was to emphasize and improve the expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (E-A-T) of pages that have the power to affect a person’s well-being and happiness.

Google punished pages it perceived to have a no or low E-A-T and rewarded websites that had a high E-A-T.

This update has mostly affected the sites which deal in YMYL (Your Money or Your Life).

Many sites in the diet, nutrition, and medical niches were greatly affected and so does this website.

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Website Of The Client

The client, Ryan Wade, is the owner of the website. 

As I have already described in the intro the niche of the client was to sell medicinal mushrooms and pine pollen medicines.

Then, the website was heavily hit by Google medic update and we started handling this website from 27th June 2019.

The Solutions We Offered

So, when we came to know that the website was heavily hot by the Google Medic update, we created a robust plan to clean all the residuals and causes of the penalty.

This includes:-

1. Disavow All Spam And Inferior Backlinks

Having spam and inferior backlinks is one of the most common reasons why many websites got hit by Google medic updates.

Basically, these are the links that can damage your website’s SEO. We invalidate links that are spam-like and unnatural.

These links fall into different categories like, 

  • pages created only to collect links
  • spam sites
  • links in spam comments
  • backlinks from pages that are not in your target country (e.g. a link from Germany, although your target group is from the USA)

Even, Google also shares the warning on their Google Disavow Tool page:

So, we disavowed the following backlinks from the website of the clients.

2.  On-page SEO Optimization

On-page SEO is important for every website to rank. The reason is, that search engines analyze the website and its content to rank the websites in SERP.

Also, On-page SEO helps Google to identify the searcher’s query and show the best search results. 

It is the practice of optimizing the web pages to get organic traffic and improving the website’s ranking in SERP(search engine results page).

This includes the optimization of the page’s HTML, inter-linking, metadata, etc.  

SEO is the main area of focus of search engines. That simply means it should be the main focus of optimization.

3. Fixing Responsiveness Issues
  • The responsiveness of the website refers to how it appears on various devices. Suppose a website is appearing in a good format on desktop and the same website is appearing in very bad alignment on mobile or on the tablet.

    So, this is the issue many website owners go through that needs to be improved. We dedicatedly and continuously worked on fixing the responsiveness issues on the website. 
raw forest foods
4. Pushed Blogging

Blog writing is the best way to build authority on the website. When you write relevant blogs and give valuable data, other people take that data or information and give natural backlinks and that’s how it builds your brand authority.

Besides this, blog writing also helps in getting found. It helps with Search Engine Optimization. When you write blogs on keywords that have high volume it enhances your ranking in Google SERP. 

See the improvement in the graph:

5. Update Site Structure

Optimizing the site structure is one of the most important aspects of SEO. it makes navigation easy for users and for Google as well.

Google follows the given links. If a URL receives a lot of links (internal or external), it must be a popular page, and search engines may give it a better ranking.

However, links for the sake of Google. Readers also like sites that are simple to use and provide relevant suggested readings.


That’s why it is quite important to update site structure and the results are before you!


You can see how much we enhanced the clicks and impressions. You can see the graph below:



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