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Greater Than

Greater Than is a SUPER natural performance drink that’s focused on properly hydrating mothers and families all across the USA. The magic doesn’t come from spells & potions, it comes straight from Mother Nature.
Brand Generated $160,000+ In Sales
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Incrementors Web Solutions helped a brand generate $160,000+ in sales. I understand if you’re surprised to see that and question how a brand can make that much revenue. That is, nevertheless, true. 

The challenge of the client was to generate high revenue and rank the website on some highly competitive keywords and in this case study, we are going to discuss how we achieved this goal and satisfied the client.

We handled this project responsibly and derived the desired results.

In stipulated time, we created sales of $160,000. Also, the client was highly satisfied.

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Website Of The Client

The client, Bryan founder of the brand- Greater than

The niche of the brand was to sell the healthiest drinks for sportspersons and lactating mothers. The brand had no-added-sugar sports drinks with many different flavors. 

They create a juice with healthy ingredients like fresh coconut water, watermelon, apple juice, pomegranates, and more. 

The juice helps in crushing electrolyte waste, dehydration, and fatigue. 

Greater Than is an all-natural performance drink aimed at adequately hydrating women and families across the United States. 

The client wanted his website to rank on some highly competitive keywords like, breastfeeding, breast milk, lactation, nursing, milk supply, milk supply supplement.

The Solutions We Offered

There are some of the techniques that we applied and derived results. 

Here’s the list of things that we did to achieve the target.

1. Complete SEO

The website needed complete SEO solutions. So, we provided that. Here’s what we did in complete SEO.

A) Include keywords in the URL.
B) Made the URLs short.
C) Add the keywords in the title tag
D) Embedded title tag modifiers 
E) Embedded the target keywords in the first paragraph of the content
F) Added the keywords in H1, H2, and H3 tags. 
G) Optimized the images 
H) Added LSI keywords.
I) Added internal links

These were the lists of some things that we did on the website and improved it’s search engine optimization.

2. Off-Page SEO 

Though we worked on On-Page SEO, majorly we worked on Off-Page SEO. 

Here’s what we did.


If you are unfamiliar with HARO, it stands for Help A Reporter Out. It’s a platform where users can connect with top highly credible websites. It offers the opportunity to build top-quality links and organic referral traffic. 

It’s an organic way to create natural backlinks.

In HARO, we reply to the queries of journalists and bloggers and if they like our response they give a backlink of our website on their website. 

It helps in the following things:

A) Great awareness and visibility
B) More brand mentions 
C) More referral traffic from readers
D) A valuable backlink

With the help of HARO, we can generate so many high DA backlinks.

B) Editorial Links

An editorial link is one that occurs as a consequence of a site’s excellent content and marketing methods. Unlike purchased connections, editorial links are not paid for or specifically sought. A powerful link profile includes editorial links.

A) It helps in establishing yourself as an authority
B) The second benefit of editorial links is the SEO rankings.
C) You will get more web traffic
D) It helps in building relationships with other businesses
E) Editorial links help in promoting your brand by showing your authority

We used this technique for our client and it really worked out.

C) PR(Press Release)

The next thing that we did was, we worked on a press release for a website’s ranking on highly competitive keywords. 

It is the most affordable and effective method to promote the website.

The branding of the website got improved as soon as we released the press release.

D) Guest Posting

Then, on behalf of the customer, we undertook guest posting. 

Basically, guest blogging is when you write and publish a blog for someone else’s website in exchange for a hyperlink to your own. 

You might be thinking, “How did guest posting assist with SERP ranking?” 

But believe me when I say that it did help! 

Allow me to explain.

We developed several blog posts that were both interesting and appealing to readers, and we approached website proprietors on the same topic. 

Do you realize that guest posting on other websites is worth five times as much as writing new material for your own site? 

The idea is that guest writing is a powerful tool for cultivating connections and increasing brand exposure.

This strategy played a great role in the ranking of this website.


After applying all these strategies, the results we got were so amazing.

Here’s what he got in return, $160,000+ sales.



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