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(This simple video reveals a few strategies to help you recover from Google Penalty)

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    Is your website is experiencing an unusual drop in traffic, a drop in search ranking, and getting messages about Manual Penalty from the Google Webmaster tool? Our Google Penalty Recovery Service aims to keep your website penalty-free with our latest recovery solutions.

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    WE’RE DEDICATED TO keep your website penalty-free with our INNOVATIVE Recovery solutions

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    What Incrementors Can Do For YoU

    Whether your website is hit by Google manually penalty, Penguin, Panda, or any other updates, our expert’s team starts working from the day you contact us and begin with the research process, creating backlink audit and reports of generation to identify the presence of the penalty.

    Our Team will also help you by developing a strategy that can be helpful to avoid the upcoming Google Penalties. 

    Incrementors manually review your website’s backlink profile and identify the backlinks that cause the penalty for your site. Our experts work with you to remove most of the critical links from your site.

    Our SEO team will figure out all the web pages that need to get optimized and remove or improve the pages to help you get away from the Google Penalty.

    These penalty recovery tasks require considerable effort and time. There are no shortcuts to rebuild a website’s ranking on the search page. Restoring the ranking includes the growth of new and high-quality backlinks for your website. Google can take time to review your reconsideration request and remove the penalty.

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    Reasons why Google penalizes your website:

    Unnatural Links on Your Website
    If you have unnatural links on your website, that means if you are ever involved in a link exchange, paid links, or having unnatural link-building schemes, then Google imposes a penalty on your website. Unnatural links or backlink profile is the major cause of the Google Penalty.

    Overusing H1 Tags
    H1 tag is helpful for Google to understand the intent of the page. Excessive use of H1 tags can be seen as overuse of keywords in Google’s listing and it can reduce your ranking on the search engine result page as Google finds it so difficult to optimize the page for ranking and it can result in spam activity.

    Hidden Links
    Google penalizes your website for having hidden content or links with the same color as the background of a webpage as it manipulates the ranking results of the search engine. Google is good in detecting as it can easily detect the hidden texts and can penalize your sites.

    Broken External Links
    Keeping your links updated is important otherwise Google will assume that you do not need links for the website and do not care about the users’ experience as your visitors are visiting some 404 error pages.

    Let’s expand your digital marketing strategy.

    What is Google Penalty?

    If your website is experiencing an unusual drop in traffic, a drop in search ranking, and getting messages about Manual Penalty from the Google Webmaster tool then it can be because of Google Updates.

    Google penalties may impact those websites as well who have no clue about what they have done wrong. Google has many updates that can impact your website, like, Fred, Mobilegeddon, RankBrain, Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon, Payday, EMD (Exact Match Domain), and Page Layout Algorithm.

    Google penalizes websites with two types, manual penalties, and algorithm changes.

    If your website gets penalized manually, then the owner of the website will get a notice by Google Webmaster Tool with the explained reason for the failure so that the website owner will know what changes they can do to their website to recover the penalty.

    But, it can be difficult if your website gets penalized because of algorithm changes. You need to find out the correlation between Google’s recent update and the losses on your website. Finding out the major cause of the problem can be very difficult because Google keeps on updating its algorithm for the last 15 years.

    Fortunately! Incrementors is working for over 10 years and has proper resources and tools to help you to make recovery rapidly.

    As compared to other SEO Agencies, we do more than just doing SEO & Marketing. We partner with our clients by giving them training, coaching, videos to avoid getting penalized in every aspect.
    -Incrementors Web Solutions, Shiv Gupta

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      The penalties caused by Google Panda are mainly due to low-quality content.
      Our experts take proper action for your website if your website is penalized by this penalty. We review your website twice, manually and with tools, to check for duplicate content and optimize pages that have poor quality or need to optimize.

      If your website has poor or low-quality backlinks then your website will get penalized by Google’s Penguin algorithm. 

      Our experts will ensure you take corrective action by doing a detailed analysis of your backlinks. Our team will optimize all the links that you get whether from blog commenting, articles, guest posting, or forums.

      Panda (2011)
      Panda was the first update for the websites and the pain purpose of Panda is to pull down the websites that contain low or poor quality content.

      Mobilegeddon (2015)
      The choice is given to the website that is responsive and scalable to the mobile device. Visitors preferred those websites which are readable and navigable on all devices.

      Penguin (2016)
      This update focuses on the bad links of your websites. If your website has paid links, unnatural links or any method referred to as black hat.

      Intrusive Interstitial Penalty (2017)
      This penalty is for those websites which affect the user experience with unwanted content campaigns, Copyright violations or any other black hat method.

      There are only two ways to find out whether your website has been penalized by Google or not. The first way is to check it by Google Search Console under security, and manual action and the second way is to check by Google Analytics traffic reports and compare the traffic you have with the date Google update.

      Google penalties impact your web presence, meaning you may be less likely to be found in a Google search.

      Google shows your website in almost 93-94% of all the mobile and desktop searches worldwide. It means if you are penalized by Google, your site could become virtually invisible for consumers hoping to purchase your products and services.

      The other impact is, your competitors will benefit from the vacuum created by your business’ sudden absence in search results.

      You can check penalties through the webmaster tool. Log in to the webmaster tool and go to the manual actions in the search traffic. If you get hit by an algorithm penalty, Google will view your site as spam and your website will start to drop dramatically

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