Google Penguin – SEO Guys be aware

Google has been providing its users with meanings, explanations, searches and several references, over the past decade. However with so much information available now and the continuous expansion of knowledge and information, Google must adopt new techniques, methods and procedures to more than just keep up with the explosion of data on the internet. It must search in less than a second, provide the most appropriate list of results, and then even go on to recommend what may be the best option or search material.

Now, Google keeps updating its search engine optimizers and search algorithms that help in what Google does best, search, assort, enlist and provide, in fractions of second. Google Penguin is the brainchild of the minds working at Google, creating an algorithmic program that searches, enlists via pre-established criteria. Google Penguin is simply the upgraded version of Google Panda, the previous algorithm that redefined the process of searching and browsing through information by Google. Google Penguin aims to eradicate websites and pages that use black-hat SEO techniques to garner views and visitors. Such malpractices and unfair methods are used by many as a shorter route to success, but in the long run it leads to no benefits or gains suitable for expansion and business growth.

Google Penguin not only ranks such pages lower on a search list, but also tags these pages as infringed, plagiarized, hence reducing the value and credibility of such pages. Not only does Google Penguin discourage black-hat SEO techniques and other such malpractices, it keeps up with Google Panda on a revised programming structure. In fact, Penguin delivers on this front better than Panda. But with certain changes in algorithm techniques and newly drafted criteria for search, the transition can be felt in the market, courtesy Google’s new search policy and search criteria. Having taken up factors such as page credibility, originality of content, unique design, availability of links and URLs, search algorithms and optimizers have undergone several changes that simplify a very demanding task that Google has been handed.

Like every program update in the past, Google Penguin has led to certain changes in search results. Apart from re-classifying various websites and pages and now displaying in accordance to new criteria, Google Penguin intends to reduce spamming and report such problems. While certain changes have been from 1% to 3%, Google with its latest creation has shown its stand against spamming, black-hat SEO’s and intolerance for such malpractices.

Apart from that, Google Penguin is rather similar to Google Panda on such fronts when it comes to processing and criteria for search, which to a great extent remains unchanged. However, if one is to make it higher up in the list, a reference to Google’s 23 point statement mentioning methods and techniques that allows a website to make enormous progress.

Talk about selective assisting, talk about the fair and unfair methods, talk about Google Penguin.

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