How Is My Website Connecting with the Goals of My Business?

How Is My Website Connecting with the Goals of My Business?

Is your SEO campaign not giving you desired results? Are you not getting enough public response from your website? Are you really connecting with your goals? Well for getting answer to these queries you should know that how your website is related to your goals. After reading this article you will be able to figure out the reason that why your SEO campaign is not fulfilling your company’s all goals.

Before pursuing toward your goals you should be clear with them. Not getting desired output means you might be doing something else than what should you do for achieving company’s goals.

Consider a fictitious website of an NGO, which is seeking for donation. On its website it gives information about its history, about its mission. But there is no facility of online donation provided. Note that one of the primary goals of this NGO is to collect donation money. So this website is suffering from poor implementation of features. No matters how great features you have provided on your website, until they are not fulfilling your goals’ requirement, they are of no use.

Business goals and features of your website should be in alignment. Remember, motive of SEO campaign is not only to boost up your sales but it includes push toward future deals too. In fact SEO campaign should support your company’s goals, not just your website.

So when you understand that your website is far less than perfect level what should you do? Following simple methods can be used in initial days.

  • Work on getting traffic but do not expect very large number of sales. On assessing and evaluation of your website, you will see upswing in its number of visitors that will encourage you.
  • Okay, is it difficult to re-manage whole website at once? Start with just one page. Take a single page and optimize it to push it on top.
  • Compare your website with your competitors. Figure out the areas where they are strong and you are lagging behind. Focus on goals, priorities and most importantly the keywords while doing so.
  • Off-page activities may also work. Build inbound links. Attract new Facebook or Twitter visitors. Post new offers, do attractive activities like organize events etc.


Site Traffic Vs Company Goals

Most of the people think a successful website means having a large traffic. Yeah! It is good if large numbers of people are visiting your website but is it really fulfilling your company’s goals?

Understand this concept from this instance. There was a company which had facility of online messaging and support to clients. Through this features it was able to target right clients. But the numbers of clients were not so much.

To boost up the counting of client, one of the staff members of the website who had serious database skills decided to add up a directory pharmaceutical company. Actually she had a plan of link bait.

After some days there was a dramatic jump-up in their online form submittals. This plan helped in increasing their traffic but there happened something bad. Most of the submittals were unqualified leads. Even many of the visitors wrote in their forms: “please remove my company name from your database; can you tell me how I can participate in drug trial?”

This is not what they were looking for. They wanted large number of clients but not the wrong ones.

So here we can have a moral that bringing traffic to the website doesn’t always fulfill the company’s goals.

In Last

Every point and concept that is written in this article, at last gives only one message. Be focused on your company’s goals. Take necessary steps to expand business but those steps must be according to the requirements of the goals.

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