Web development History & Facts

Web development History & Facts

Web development as a process has been around for 19 years now. It was first seen as an unforeseen opportunity which was later put to use and so, an entire working sector and an employment market came into being.

Apart from offering various tools and applications to users and developers, It also has a lot of various combinations, techniques and possibilities that are offered to a web developer. A web developer may be one person or a team of over a hundred workers, with the similar aim of creating a website, varying in its complexity, purpose and usage.

In order to create a website, one has an array of tools and applications to choose from to develop a webpage. With the availability of free software and packages such LAMP and WYSIWYG, one has the accessibility of such resources to create a website.

The change in web developing trend can be noted to recent times with the creation of newer software and upgraded versions. These have an increased level of complexity that further makes these difficult to understand and proper utilization of all their features is not made.

And with the further development of two different types of software, the user is furthermore confused with regard to software and assisting tools that may be used. These tools may be classified as Client sided or Server sided. There is also a third kind called Client+Server sided, but it mostly includes hybrid programs that run on both sides.

With the introduction of such programs, web designing has become a bit cumbersome to learn and develop as an art. But if mastered, they open doors to great possibilities and avenues in web designing. Such is their implication that stunning designs, appealing layouts and eye-catching visuals may be created. So after all the changes, web designing is still very appealing and has very little to be disappointed about. Change is the necessity of evolution, and evolution may have its complications. But if evolution is done right, the results can be astonishing, like in the case of web designing, which has hardly missed out on the element of fun and surprise.

So if the changes are welcomed, it is inevitable that web designing will achieve new heights and set new standards for designing and development. Till then, one must keep exploring, and enjoy whatever there is to take joy from. The art form has survived, it is just using many more pixels now for pastels.

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