Google Hummingbird: Celebrating 15 years of success

Google Hummingbird: Celebrating 15 years of success

Google recently updated its search algorithm and search engine optimizer with the Google Hummingbird, software assured to improve search, quicken up the process and introduce a new level of user interface with a new listing and ranking procedure, called the PageRank. With this new update already in function; Google intends to create new guidelines for online searching, enlisting and ranking web pages and sites. And with the foothold that Google has in the search and online solutions industry, it has the luxury of making changes in its algorithms, upgrading it and allowing changes to happen in the websites that comply with its policy. The article explains the introduction of Google Hummingbird and if at all it leads to any changes.

Google turned 15 years old in 2013. Rather than asking fellow corporate honchos and its million users for gifts, it gifted them with a new search algorithm called the Google Hummingbird. This update is said to be more human in interface and said to provide direct answers to questions, queries and searches.

The Google Hummingbird takes over from where the Google Penguin left off, making changes in search criteria and formulating new guidelines for search and ranking websites and pages by these guidelines. Some of these are originality of content, originality of page layout and design, links attached, URLs provided, etc. when these factors are considered, the rank of a page on a search result is determined. Another factor with immense importance is the number of visitors on the page. This statistical figure helps Google analyze a web page’s credibility, popularity, and usually decides the rank of a website.

On the flipside, like all previous search algorithms and software, the Hummingbird will downgrade, disapprove and look to curb black-hat SEOs, duplicated content and infringed websites. As these malpractices are seriously intolerable to Google’s policies and norms, these websites and pages are rated poorly and are ranked lowly in search results. In such situations, the unfair means of website promotion and viewership leads to no avail as Google works its way to degrade such sites and pages. The Hummingbird is no different on that front, delivering on Google’s policies and ethics. The changes that Google Penguin brought endure in the Google Hummingbird, but where Google Hummingbird differs in is an entirely different area. Google says that the Hummingbird provides a new level of interface and the manner in which the answers and results are delivered. The motive of Hummingbird is to feel more human and direct when providing answers to a user’s queries and be further more direct in displaying results to a search, be it about the African Elephant, or a hummingbird in itself!

Overall, Google Hummingbird will not lead to any drastic changes to a website’s ranking, but will seem much easier and understandable when providing results and answers.

Just like the size of the bird, the Google Hummingbird changes little, but brings to the table simplified search and even simpler portrayal of answers and results.

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