Brand Busters

Brand Busters

Are you sure about the quality of your business?  Is your branding able to hold up the same standards in Search Engines, as it holds in the market? Okay you must have a trademark on the product name of your company but do you think that assures the high value in the eyes on Search Engines about your company? If your answer to all of the above questions in positive then you are safe but if your answer is no then this article is really going to be an eye opener for you.

Here you will learn that how to figure out the flaws in your branding, mistakes that your company committing and to learn about the reasons which are lowering your rank.

Scrutinize the sources of error

Things which are affecting your branding can be from your sides or from other people. Consider following cases:

Affiliates and Reseller: Resellers and affiliates who represent your product or sell products on your behalf affect your site ranking greatly. Choose resellers carefully after examining that you are being represented by right people. Check your agreement and contracts with affiliates if they are fulfilling your wishes or not. At your level check the accuracy of text and information given by your reseller about your product.

Competitors: Some competitors play cheating games to outrank your website.  Most common way to do this is comparison. You must have seen various sites comparing two products. They generally publish about your products with their own products. Then they compare the features of two in a fascinating way. Obviously this lower down the value of your product and visitor buys product from their site instead.

Another way to do this type of cheating is Paid Ads. They sponsor ads of your product. In this way by using your name they direct traffic to their site. However ad guidelines are against it but lot many still do this.

Broken links: Search engines like Google, Yahoo!  do not want broken links. Broken links which search engines display by mistake are eventually recognized and removed by search engines from their indexes.

Any broken link which is still indexed and hold good ranking can be utilize by making another similar page and giving it same URL. Write similar kind of content on this new page.

Set up 301 redirect and divert traffic from that link to another page having similar sort of content. Do not commit mistake to redirect them on your homepage. They [visitors] usually get pissed due to it.

Displaying Obsolete information: Any potential client when lands on the website, he usually search for the fresh, real and regularly updated information and product. Remove outdated files and info from your site. In case if it is not so simple to remove outdated information because some good client is demanding it, do publish a link along with it which is connected to the latest page. In some cases if you create similar page to the older one it become confusion for the search engine to choose that which page to display. In this case use “301 redirect” to link two pages so that in the eyes of search engine only one page exists.

Remove any inappropriate and unwanted material which is no longer in use. Also request webmaster tools of search engines to remove from their indexes.

In last remember your task is not only to boost your site ranking but also to avoid the attack of unwanted competition. At the same time, work on retaining the good ranking.

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