A complete Guide to Squarespace SEO

Squarespace is one of the various websites in the realm of the world wide web that help progress the building of websites and related systems. People who are trying to make sure that their website is popular and noticed, take advantage of the Squarespace world. With the help of Squarespace, we have seen many artists and musicians, even small restaurant owners, along with photographer hold success in their hands.

When it comes to Squarespace, SEO comprises of two practices, namely- the on-page Search Engine Optimization, and the Off-page Search Engine Optimization. The former is used to optimize the website, and the latter is used to gain organic traffic from search engines.

Squarespace works efficiently and effectively when it comes to SEO. while it might have some limitations and drawbacks, the greater picture is that Squarespace only produces better and positive results for you and your business. Here also, the basic SEO techniques would play a significant role, but with the infusion of the Squarespace methodologies, you can be sure that your business, your work and you are known to the world in the main ways. You would still want to create original content, you would want to target your audience with all kinds of demographics and keywords, and would want to focus on building a network, but all this without Squarespace would not be as effective as it would be with the infusion of the intricacies of Squarespace.

For those people who are very serious about their SEO techniques when it comes to their websites, focussing on Squarespace templates thus, becomes very important. You could set a solid foundation of SEO techniques with the help of Squarespace.

When you are beginning your Squarespace SEO techniques, you would want first to make sure you have a good enough site theme. Your website should not only reflect you and your personality but should also be feasible and comfortable. The content on the page must be visible, as well as the pictures on it must be relevant. If you are a photographer, per say, you would want to choose a layout which will reflect the passion in itself. It should not only be a gallery to just upload your pictures, but to showcase your thoughts and your personality into your work, your photos.

If you make use of the right layouts on the Squarespace website, you could achieve wonders for you and your business. Another thing you would want to ensure for your site is that you would want to choose a layout that is going to load fast. In today’s world, nobody has time to wait for the content and the images of your website and your layout to load in its pace. If the design is taking even 5 seconds longer than it should, you would want to rectify those problems. Everything else in the Squarespace website works smoothly, no matter what theme or layout you are choosing. There might be some bugs and some features that might not function for you, but with the right support and problem-solving methods, you would not have to worry about anything.

After you are done creating your Squarespace account and choosing a particular website theme for your work to be displayed on, you must also make sure that you are creating a title and a small description for your site too. This title and description are going to be there on the homepage of your website at all times, and therefore, care must be taken with the same. A unique name and a defined yet brief description might not give the efficient SEO ranking immediately, but sooner or later, this would become a stepping stone for you to step on and succeed. This is going to be the first impression from your side to your website visitors and other potential customers.

The content on your Squarespace site is said to be the foundation of everything else SEO related. The value of your content is undeniable, and the quality of the same is worth so much more. Every little piece, every word, no matter how small or big, must be packed with value and quality. On the internet, your viewers, your potential customers are not going to be able to meet your directly, rather would judge you and your business with what you present to them. So, if you present them with qualitative content related to your website, you are going to put up a good first impression on them. The readers and the viewers must learn something, and take away a piece of the same with them in their memory and their heart. This is the prime reason for the popularity of video/ written tutorials, case studies, and even all kinds of guides and DIYs. They are always valuable and ranked at the top when it comes to website content. They are always loaded with information.

The content should be mainly focused on narrow qualitative topics and should be full of small and long tail keywords which an average person is likely to use while searching for your content. Your work and your content, if diverse, would work wonders for you. The more diversity you show in your work, the more chances of you being in the top ranks of various search engines you have.

When it comes to using Squarespace for your SEO techniques, you will get the opportunity to use meta titles and various forms of description for the content on your website. For every post on your site, you get the opportunity to describe it with the help of meta titles and descriptions. You can easily customize this meta information with the aid of certain keywords and template based tags, to ensure things work in your favor. With the help of a maximum of 55 words for the title and 150 words for description, you could guarantee that your website optimal visibility in the search engines has increased, giving you the organic search results and website traffic that you have always desired.

With the vibrant variety of options available on Squarespace, you cannot leave images alone. Images help a great deal when it comes to organic search and other SEO methodologies. With the aid of multimedia content, you can get maximisation of traffic on your website.

With the help of all kinds of features on Squarespace, along with your images, you can fill a variety of meta information, describing the picture with all the keywords and tags that you want. You can upload it first, and name the image with appropriate keywords, along with a suitable caption for the same. This way, you are ready to go. The meta information section with your image would help you in making sure that your image is displayed in all kinds of related search results on search engines, which will help you garner traffic and attention to your website.

With every image you are going to upload, doing this is going to give you and your site the edge and the extra value that one always desires. You would not have to worry about other SEO techniques, once you have decided to follow the features on Squarespace. The tags or the keywords that you use to describe your image, or in the naming part/ caption part would not be visible to the outside world. However, google will take those in account and display your image and your website URL where ever it deems necessary with the help of its algorithms.

The content that you are going to use on your Squarespace website must always be of qualitative and original nature. The use of keywords in the same should be efficiently done. An appropriate number of keywords must be used throughout the content/ article that you are trying to post for the online world to see. However, you must be wary of the fact that you are not using too many same keywords.

Keyword stuffing is not a good way to get decent rankings on Google or any other search engine, for that matter. No exact density or percentage or number is going to define how many times a keyword needs to be used, but it must be made sure that you are writing your content with naturality and flair. You must not overuse a particular word too many times to make it seem annoying in the mind of the reader.

If you want your content to be displayed in the top results, where all good-quality top articles/ content is, you would want to ensure that you are using the right amount of keywords and the right density, throughout your content. Keyword density is a subjective matter, or probably like salt. The amount of salt you want to put in completely depends on what you are eating; similar is the case with keywords. Too much of keyword stuffing is never a good thing. You could always take help of related keywords along with the main keyword that you have to use. A combination of different keywords used together, throughout the article goes a long way.

One of the best features that Squarespace has to provide to you is the automatic generation of XML sitemap especially for you, to suit your needs. It is generated as soon as you create your website on Squarespace. And any subsequent page or content additions are automatically added to your sitemap. This is one of the most worthwhile features of the Squarespace SEO techniques. This will ensure that your search rankings can go up if you submit this information to the Google search engine through the help of the webmaster tool.

You can always take help of the individual squarespace.com URLs specifically designed for your website to cater your SEO needs. If you are a business owner, a musician, an artist, a photographer, a blogger, anybody, who wants themselves and their business to be legible to the world and at the same time authentic, you would want to ensure that your Squarespace website has a unique URL.

Of course, the uniqueness of the URL would come at a cost, but at least it is going to be original and reflecting your website, its theme, personality and its style. While it does all this, it will also reflect your uniqueness and your seriousness to your business/ blog/ work. And as Emma Stone in La La Land said, “People love what other people are passionate about.”

If you are website owner for your business or any other related profession where you have an office or are willing to be in contact with other people to expand and grow, you would want to take the NAP information on your Squarespace website very seriously. The NAP information comprises of your name, your address, as well as your contact number and other such details. It is essential for a business owner, especially the people who are new to the realm of both offline business as well as the online ones to display to the world their information, so that the potential customers and the potential clients could come up to them, seeking not just their product or their service, but also give them an opportunity to grow, a new arena to step into.

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