Why Content is The King When It Comes to SEO

Why Content is The King When It Comes to SEO

Since Google implemented smart ranking engines that filter content rich websites and place them on top of search results pages, everyone has been pressed to make great content that gets readers in love with their sales campaigns. Before content was the key determinant of online effort’s success or failure, the competition to make a sale was not as crowded as it is nowadays. A company could implement keyword density optimization techniques and attract readers to it’s pages, regardless of the quality of their content.
Chances that sales are made when clickable buttons and other call to action are correctly distributed on a landing page drastically increased such websites’ conversion rates. This is until readers got more picky and actually read through the content on sales pages. More and more pages that used to get conversions deteriorated and a check from Google resulted in the development of algorithms that ranked pages based on the quality of content instead of just how many times the search terms that are relevant to a reader appeared in the page.

Content talks to the reader.

In place of the website’s owner, each visitor would be in conversation with the content that is found on the pages they land on from search pages. The content therefore should convince the reader of all their requirements before making a purchase. The grammatical correctness and other cues that can be read by a reader, play a part in getting the visitor to make a move towards becoming a customer.

Content vs Other Marketing Strategies

Almost all marketing professionals can confirm how the return on investments when working with sponsored advertisements seldom makes justifiable reasons for a company to base their efforts totally on them. Besides the fact that content inside the ads is a key determinant of whether or not they are a success, the ads themselves fall into a large pool of competitor generated pictures that all have the same chance of being seen by potential client.

Content generation that resonates with users and increase the likelihood of making sales from them is no easy task. When a website has the right amount of words and an accurate take on the subject that readers are interested in, the connection that it develops with the reader has the power of making them into advocates of the ideas that the content suggests. With the social media profiles that are connecting millions of people, having visitors sharing content from a website is equivalent to a person standing outside a physical shop and calling all their relatives to come inside and buy. That is powerful and most of the time doesn’t need to be supported by a thousand dollars to make sales of millions.

Content has alone remained as the marketing tool that can’t be bought as much as others come successfully to everyone who has a budget, and yet the results it bears have a more permanent bearing on the success of a business; that makes it King.

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