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Guide to Local SEO for Dentists – Proven New Dental Patients

As a dental care provider, competition for the first-page rankings on any search engine is a vital task. But how can you put your practice aside and invest in visibility exercises for your website? You wouldn’t have to! You simply need to implement local SEO Campaigns following a simple process to gain an edge over your local competition.

There are two main ways Local SEO for dentists work. This works amazingly when it comes to evaluating your website on the world wide web.

  • On page
  • Off page

The On-Page SEO works by describing your website, what your services pages are about. It seeks to work by determining how optimized your website is, which is directly going to affect its search engine rankings. You have complete leverage on the on-page SEO.

Whereas, the Off-page SEO works by determining the popularity on the basis of its authority on the search engines. Off-page SEO functions by the acquisition of backlinks to your site. The efforts of the same are not as visible like the on-page SEO techniques, however it does work for you in a feasible way.

But, the question still exists, why should you do this? What would you, as a dentist, get out of it?

# 1 Search Engines, especially Google are your new ‘Yellow Pages’

Today, more and more patients seek help of search engines in order to look for local businesses through their electronic devices. According to the leading search, approximately 20% search queries are made for local businesses. Whereas 40% of the total mobile searches are made for finding local businesses. Of the total consumers, 97% search for local businesses on their electronic devices.

# 2 You get free traffic to your website!

While getting your search engine rankings, you tend to get major chunk of website traffic your way and along with that, you get more and more patients too! SEO techniques is a great investment for most dental practices today because of these reasons.

# 3 Quick benefits!

There is a common perception between people that in order to get the first page Google rankings, it might take up to half a year! However, if proper SEO techniques are implemented, you can get the results in just 30 days! It takes a lot of hard work, but yes it is achievable.

Here is a quick guide for you to follow in order to get not just web traffic your way, but also new dental patients!

# Step 1 Focusing on your website service pages.

One thing that every dental practice needs to do is, focussing on the optimization of your website. Your core pages need to be optimized to make sure your website is matched with the keywords that the potential patients are going to put in while searching for local dental practices.

Service pages are essential, as you need to optimize them to work in your favor. Start by listing out all your dental practices. Your practices might include dental fillings, dental crowns, dental cleanings, orthodontics, dental implants, and other practices. Google AdWords Platform will help your identify potential keywords related to these practices, which an average person is likely to put in to search for local dental practices. If your service pages are optimized, you are going to ensure more and more patients visit your website, making your future revenues go higher.

Keyword intent is an important task when it comes to optimizing your site service pages. There are two kinds of keywords that are applicable to dental practices-

  • Phrases with hiring intent, and
  • Phrases with research intent

As a dental care provider, you should be focusing on getting rankings in terms of the former. The keywords’ phrases in terms of hiring intent tend to send signals to the person making the search query to take actions. These keywords can be used to optimize your website.

The research intent keywords, on the other hand, are used to gather information. For example, when people search for terms like “teeth whitening at home” or even “DIY Teeth Whitening” they might not be looking to hire a dental care provider, they are just trying to gather as much information they can about teeth whitening. Similarly, when a person types in “cost of dentures”, they might not also be looking to visit a dental care provider as well! These search queries are mainly for “research” purposes.

However, research intent keywords can act beneficial to your website too!

The research intent keywords though play a secondary role in your SEO services, can still serve the purpose to get you website traffic. You can also take help of such keywords too. They will act as topics for your FAQs pages and other blog articles.

# Step 2 YouTube and video marketing

Youtube is a great platform when it comes to promoting your dental practice. Marketing your dental practices with the help of videos can help your draw in more and more patients. Video content is a great option not only for your dental practice’s YouTube page, but also for your website. You can easily link your video to your website service pages and see the difference.

As a dental practice owner, you can proceed with “How to” videos, “educational videos” and also answering common dental questions for potential and existing patients. Videos can enhance your dental SEO experience like nothing else.

# Step 3 Optimize your business page

Business pages by Google can enhance your revenue generation and returns. This step gives you faster results. Why is this important? A google business page usually shows up in the form of a “map” or a directory of your business when someone looks up local dental practices. It is a great way to introduce your business to potential patients. Moreover, it takes your google rankings a notch higher.

# Step 4 Get listed on other local directories!

If you are able to list your dental practice on other local directories, you are all set to boost your dental practice in the local search engine rankings. When a potential patient searches for dental services, there is a higher chance of local directories popping up on their search results over your dental practice website. The organic search results might not be fruitful for your website in these cases.

Therefore, you need to make sure your dental clinic and all the related information is listed clearly on a local directory website.

Another thing you would want to ensure is that your basic information, the NAPs, should be equal on almost every platform.

These local directory websites are not only going to help you have citations, but will also allow you to get the links leading more and more people to your website. More and more linking indicates more and more search engine spiders crawling to your website, allowing your website to reach the relevant sources and search results.

What comes out of this ?

Well, not only do you get higher chances of being seen on top in an average search result, you also get more patients and more revenues your way. The higher you are placed in a search engine result, the more confident your potential patients are going to be when it comes to choosing you.

# Step 5 Get reviewed!

Getting search engine reviews which are mostly positive can give you an edge over your competitors any day!

You need to put major focus on getting reviewed on the Google Business pages, apart from just focusing on websites like Yelp and other medical sites. A good review on Google My Business page ensures maximum exposure to your business from potential patients. Moreover, when these potential patients look at all of the reviews, they would be more willing and more likely to contact you service quickly.

But, how would you get reviewed?

First and foremost, you should always provide excellent dental services to your patients. There is still a catch here however! These patients might still not review you. So, after you are done providing your dental services to them, you need to ask them in a polite manner to review your practice in an easy manner. You can do this by sending them a follow-up “review request” mail and ask them to review your practice on the link provided in the same.

You can start this mail by writing “We would appreciate it, if you have a moment to provide your feedback on our dental services. Thank you so much.”

After this, you simply need to link your google business page and let them do their share! Doing this for a while, and making it a part of your dental services process is going to get you a steady flow of reviews your way on an almost everyday basis.

# Step 6 Track your efforts!

Tracking what you are doing, keeping a check on every step and stage is vital to your business growth. This will ensure better and improved success in terms of SEO for your dental services.

The following are the three main efforts you need to keep a track on!

Your rankings

This is the first metric you need to keep a track on. As a beginner in the field of SEO for dental services, you need to track your rankings at least twice every month.

For this, you could take help of the the Google Webmaster, now known as the Google Console tool. The tool can be installed easily and will allow you to see what keywords are getting you the specific ranking on the Google search result. This also gives you the benefit of seeing what kinds of impressions and click each keyword query is getting you.

You could also seek help of other paid tools which would automatically send you updated keyword ranking reports.

Website traffic

Another thing you need to track are the website rankings. Though rankings are important, they are not as important as the website traffic you get! The number of visitors need to be high in order to make sure your business is hustling and bustling.

A simple way to do this is by taking help of Google Analytics. You would need to install Google Analytics to every part of your website and then log in to see the amount of overall website traffic you are getting. You can also see what particular pages of your website are getting the most traffic.

These stats are to be viewed once every month to keep a track of your progress in a long term basis!

Conversion rates

Apart from focussing on your website rankings and website traffic stats, you would also want to focus on the “conversion rates” for your dental service. The amount of conversions you are receiving from the SEO efforts you are making is important.

But what is conversion?

Well, to be precise, conversion is nothing but a specific action that your website visitors are supposed to take. You might have a form for “scheduling appointments” on your website, which some people would fill to schedule their appointments. This kind of tracking is important for you to determine the number of new patients you are getting from your website, through the various pages and forms, and your SEO and marketing efforts.

With the help of Google Analytics, you can easily set up a Goal tracking system to track the number of people taking interest in a particular page or a form on your website. This way you can easily detect the number of conversion you get from your website pages and the number of conversion you get from SEO practices.

If handled carefully, local SEO practices are a real boon to your dental practice. It is the best marketing investment you would ever make! Following these practices is going to give you higher website rankings and more traffic so you can simply focus on providing the best services to your patients.

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