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How the Search Engine Giant, Mr Google Works?

Are you looking to know more about Google? Searching how Google works? Well, it seems you already know a little about it, since you have landed on this article, you would have searched about this on Google itself 🙂 and here in this article we will provide rest of the answers to quench your thirst of curiosity.

No wonder Google has become a leading search engine throughout the world, providing us with every smart result within fraction of seconds because satisfying the user is what Google has been achieving so far!

If you are reading this blog, then one very obvious thing is that you have visited our website. To reach our website you must have opened the browser and searched for our website on the search engine available first hand surely Google. Today, the very popular search engine known to us as “Google” supplies us with many central features in present time. With many predominant SEO features like making searches, getting national and international updates, bringing the online world at a footstep and what not, Google has simply made our life wonderful. Now thinking about how it works is a question for thought.

To understand its working better, we require knowing about some of the terms Google working is linked up with.

  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Providing searches

Crawling: When you intend making any search, you search it by writing some keywords in the search tab. There the process of crawling starts. Google constantly sends out its “spider” or “bots” which automatically navigates all the websites that contains same keywords and most relevant information to the search made. Crawling for relevant searches depends on many key factors that falls into SEO practice.

  1. Keywords – A very common SEO practice is to refine keywords on a website that can act as master keywords to the user’s search and so instigating the crawler’s crawl to a website.
  2. A ranking of the website – If a website is trusted one with pages that has relevant, user-friendly content and URLs will be invested at higher ranking and on top results while Indexing the results visited by the crawlers.
  3. Reputation/ genuine reviews – More genuine reviews for webpage claims user’s trust over it and more pick during crawling process.
  4. Text – Having same anchor text than generic on a website helps the crawlers find the webpage more easily.
  5. Plagiarism – To pick up the pace over Website ranking any duplicate or repetitive content should be avoided. This will enable Google crawling effective to the site.
  6. Content relevance – The Google Crawlers not only make search by words but by the intent of user thus having user friendly content on a website is one of the smart SEO practice accelerating the crawlers visit.

Indexing: To a layman Indexing means an arrangement of topics to be followed in upcoming book or data. Similarly, Google Indexing is an arrangement of webpage available online. At that place are numerous webpage available on Google search engine. The process of adding these pages to Google is termed as Indexing. Crawlers of any search Crawl all the indexed pages and present relevant searches to the users. Indexing majorly depends on URLs of the page. Thus SEO practice includes a pattern of being pro-active in managing and updating URLs to deal with heavy competition of internet sites in related searches. The Google system crawls over URLs and find best suitable solutions for users.

Providing searches: Needless to state that Google is an easy go finest solution to the entire possible information one is looking for. Crawling and Indexing of search engines turns out the possible searches for users. Today Google access bring along many benefits. Some are stated below:

  • Assistant overview page that let you get quick access to common apps like Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, etc.
  • Taking in simple searches and answering queries
  • Researches
  • Variety of national and international news and immediate updates
  • Easy commutation by Google maps
  • Online shopping through variety of apps available
  • Online bookings, be it travel or movie.
  • Finding best suitable options be it a good restaurant or a bestselling phone with genuine reviews and apps for comparison available.

Smart working of Google provides smart results. No doubt, Google is a blessing to the modern era!

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